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Featured Chart: Use of Facebook & WhatsApp Groups for News (% DNR 2019 by Reuters Institute)


Fake News and Disinformation: Audiences, Public Opinion and Regulatory Frameworks

Among the range of interesting (virtual) seminars taking place last summer, I had the pleasure to join my colleages at Meso Argentina for the talk on "Noticias Falsas y Desinformación: Audiencias, Opinión Pública y Marclos Regulatorios" (Fake News and Disinformation: Audiences, Public Opinión and Regulatory Frameworks). My presentation focused on the

New Reuters Factsheet: Toxic Conversations on Twitter during the Covid-19 pandemic

In this RISJ Factsheet, we assess the volume and patterns of toxic conversations on social media during the Covid-19 pandemic. We specifically analyse worldwide conversations on Twitter targeting the World Health Organization (WHO), a central actor during the pandemic. Download here the factsheet to read all the results. Toxic messages amount

On the Media

In commemoration of the IX Anniversary of the Catalan newspaper ARA, they featured my op-ed article on the future of journalism and the challenges of the profession on the years ahead. Access my op-ed here (in Catalan)  
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